Marketing News – July 15, 2007

As usually, Marketing News was an interesting read.  Some of curious articles (from my perspective):

Evening the Score (page 37).  This article gives a brief history of Net Promoter Score and mentions the research design to compare the score with American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).  Results of the research “do not support the assertion that Net Promoter Score is the single most reliable indicator of a company’s ability to grow…  This research fails to replicate the assertions regarding the ‘clear superiority’ for the Net Promoter Score in comparison to other measures.”  Interesting… 

CMO Summit addresses growth in private equity environment(page 44).  The article mentioned longer planning periods and less pressure to meet short-term goals in the companies backed by private equity.  This characteristics are definitely appreciated by marketers.  However, other concerns are also exist in private equity-backed companies. 

Divide & Conquer (page15).  This article emphasizes the opportunity of niche targeting online and offers interesting examples; the examples are b-to-c.

Firms should weigh customer segments based on profitability model (page 16). A good old idea of targeting the most profitable customers is analyzed by the article.   A list of “key components of a customer profitability model” is very useful for understanding what could be measured, and how it could be used.

A very interesting point: the 2007 Marketing Fact Book in the center of the magazine starts with “new Media” and the chart of the Blogosphere Growth, what looks very impressive.  The statistics are encouraging and probably rightfully take the first page of the Fact Book.  🙂

Marketing News is a publication of American Marketing Association and available to members of the organization. 


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