BtoB Magazine – July 16, 2007

This issue of BtoB Magazine was very insightful!  Now the magazine moved to #1 on my reading list, but I am still complaining about the format – it falls too easily from the night stand… 🙂

The magazine is almost completely devoted to the on-line aspects of b-to-b marketing with a few articles with other marketing topics. 

Marketers discover analytics’ power (page 1).  According to the article, web analytics is finally moving beyond just providing basic reporting.  (I sincerely hope it is true 🙂 ).  Analytics allows to evaluate effectiveness of campaigns in real time and adjust different marketing channels to align with the company’s business goals.  Right corporate culture is important, however… 

Web 2.0 (page 1).  So many new Web 2.0 tools come into our lives (and jobs)!  The recommendation is to start trying and adjust to the results immediately, so we can learn quickly. The most vital thought: before playing with the tools, we need to determine what do we want to do – what our business objectives are.  From my experience is very obvious, but very difficult to convey and achieve.  Definitely, check out this article.

Culture clash in the blogosphere(page 10).  Dell is a ubiquitous name at any conference as an example of social media blunders and recoveries.  Here is another one!  A very silly beginning (trying to squash a blog post), and a very gracious end (its own blog post with apologies).  I am starting to admire the company…

Software provider uses blog, e-newsletter to cross-promote (page 18).  Another example of an externally hosted blog helping organic ranking and increasing e-mail subscription.  Great as usually!

A note about benefits of video cases studies…  correcting “black hole” e-mail lists (a situation when e-mails of the company are blocked because the company’s e-mail server is listed in “black lists”)…  oh, so many interesting articles!

However I disagree that iPhone’s popularity is based on Apple’s legendary brand; Forbs published a research that the features of the device are particularly attractive.  Apple had its flops. 

Great magazine!  The best way to subscribe is through TradePub.  I love TradePub too 🙂

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