MIMA Salon – July 10

Today MIMA salon was very interesting, as always.  Three representatives from different organizations pondered the future of search.  A person from Google, a person from Microsoft and Lee Odden, the president of our local Top Rank

Some of the ideas that worth bringing back to the office:

  1. Optimizing “from the top down.” Search engine optimization does not have to be a separate silo in the corporate environment; other departments (such as PR) might need to utilize the same resources. Lee recommended sharing the keyword research typically done by marketing with the rest of the organization and creating one resource for everybody to use consistently.
  2. Universal search concept.  Search is expanding and is no longer limited to a text only search.  Now it makes sense for companies to create different forms of content (images, videos, podcasts, etc.) and make them available to be found.  Search Engine Guide offers suggestions how to optimize for the universal search.
  3. The panel discussed local search, demographic targeting, and week day targeting for PPC.  The well-known example of a dating service bidding higher on Fridays then on Mondays was also mentioned.  The dating service chose this tactic after it discovered that people are more interested in dating services on Friday. 
  4. The question from the moderator “Would $300,000 spent on SEO be wasted?” was discussed at the event.  Lee suggested that if the money were spent on the improvement of the site in general, it would still be a good investment.  However, if the investment was made into fleeting tricks of SEO, it could be irrelevant in a very short time. 
  5. What is next in search?  Universal search, video search, mobile search, local search are becoming more important.  Google is also interested in multi-language search capabilities.  Search engines are working on providing better and more relevant results.  Search will take many different forms.  Our job as marketers is to watch closely the changes…
  6. PR is using search to achieve credibility and traffic.  Wal-Mart and HP used PPC to make their side of the story available during times of crisis.  Sounds very reasonable!  I read relatively recently in Forbes that some niche PR firms are now specializing in “GoogleProof PR.”  They provide well-optimized “positive” information in such a way so it could “float” to the top of Google and “push down” the results with negative opinions about the company.  This is a curious strategy, but search in general will definitely be used more and more by PR.

The podcast of the event is already available on MIMA’s site.

The event and the food were very good 🙂